What is RPG?

Are you new to this tem and have you ever heard someone mentioning the word “RPG”? Do not be astonished my friend. A roleplaying game which is also known as RPG is a genre in video games where each participant assumes a role of a specific character in fantasy or fiction, much like is offline counterpart except that online you don’t play with dices, mats and cards. Yes, the RPG word has evolved over the years and now there are several hybrid genres that have similar elements, so sometimes it is challenging to classify this kind of games. More info about this below…


Some popular examples of this kind of video games are Dungeons & Dragons, Warcraft, Star Wars and many others, all playable online. These games share some basic elements such as leveling up characters, aquiring skills, finding special equipments or items and etc., which are improved over the course of the game.A menu-based combat system is also common theme you’ll find on these kind of games. Well, these are the most basic elements which can help use identify RPG genre.


With evolving technology in video gaming, modern and hybrid RPG games don’t incorporate all the stated elements. Game developers have mastered how to feature one or two in combination with elements from another genre thus making gaming more lively and engaging.

Recently, the RPG genre has expanded to sub-segments giving games options to enjoy. Some of the segments include action RPG, strategy RPG, adventure RPG, and live online RPG.


Action RPG gives the gamer experience to battle on a real time scenario. It involves button mashing and other related affairs. In strategy RPG the real battle takes place on a given map route and the hero unit are deployed against opponents. For adventure RPG the action elements are put up together with items and special weapons the character accumulate along the way to the ultimate end point.

Technological advancement has made role playing concept evolve rapidly. If you love video gaming always update yourself here!