Online, Offline, Which Role Playing Game Should You Buy?

In a world where imaginations run free, the zeal of getting into the shoes of some other special characters is always very strong. People often search for a respite from their daily ordinary lives and nothing can beat that feeling better than a Role Playing Game, which provide all the ingredients for a person to be immersed in a magical character and be engaged in a life full of fantasy, adventure and thrill for some time. But the question still remains, which one will you buy? Online or offline rpg games?


Since the mode of playing is different, there is always something or the other unique about each type of games. Table-top games like the Dungeons and Dragons, and rock-paper-lizard have always been quite popular and depend on the logic, decision-making skills and statistical interpretations, thus engaging the people in a mind-boggling journey of reasoning. If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of them yet, better go check them out on and include them in your list of cool stuff to buy on as they have been a staple for geeky birthday gifts for men.


Moreover both of these games have found its place even in a major sitcom like The Big Bang Theory, where the players often go on playing these games even for whole weekends. Live-action games also finds its fair share of popularity with games like paintball, or as treasure hunts based on some theme where props and costumes are used quite liberally according to the theme and characters chosen, sometimes even simulated arms are also allowed. The number people engaged could range from a few people to a few thousands and the duration can be of few hours or maybe days. But the biggest engagement is provided in these types of games is the online versions. Games like Warcraft, Bioshock has already made quite an impact majorly due to the ability of a player to emulate a superhuman, or visit somewhere which is a set from fantasy. And now with the introduction of 3D gaming and virtual reality, only imagination is the limit that can stop someone from playing a RPG.